This is a historical novel written about a West Virginia Woman, Diamond’s life and what it was like to be a black woman growing up in a coal mining family. She marries a young coal miner, Nathaniel from Glen Alum and they decide not to allow their baby boys to grow up and become coal miners and devised a plan to to move away and became a part of the Great Migration of black people moving away from the segregated South in the 1940’s.

This is a good read for now during our COVID 19 isolation.

Isolation Special *** Book – $10.00 plus $1.50 shipping

Send check or money order to Janice S. Keel for $11.50

mail order to Janice Keel, P.O. Box 211128, Detroit, MI 48221 and receive an autographed copy.

This novel is also available on Amazon. Please leave a review after you have read my book. Thank you.

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