In 1942 Arlene and her husband moved their family from a coal mining town in Mingo County,  West Virginia to Chicago, Illinois; Vancouver, Washington; Rodeo, California and finally settled in Detroit, Michigan in 1946.  This is a story about their hopes, dreams and struggles to move their family to a place where there was good housing, schools, and work to support their family. This was their American dream.  A dream shared by most Americans. This family was a part of the Great Migration of  African-American families that moved from the South to the Mid-west, and beyond to the North West in search of a better life for themselves and their children.  An African-American family who were pioneers.  I have posted two chapters of Arlene’s story please read and give me your feedback.  Chapter III is coming soon.


Author: J. Keel

5 thoughts on “The 1930’s through the 1950’s Great Migration – New Pioneers- African American Families

  1. I had given my Grandmother a book that is similar to a baby book many years ago because I did not/don’t know any family history safe to say she passed and I never saw the book again so I guess she never filled it out for me, it’s awesome to have some family history on my father’s side to pass on to my daughter Thank you so much.


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